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If you are new to Mastodon, you might wanna read this article I wrote recently, that illustrates the principles of Mastodon:

And share it around outside of Mastodon for other people to see 😋

Testing whether my business website is censored in China.

Great Firewall of China

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mmmmmmph time to figure out how many darlington channels i need per solenoid or if i need FETs

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I did not know that emoji can be used for domain names.
It is hard to type or write by hand them, I will not register such domain names.

Emoji Domains and SEO – I❤️.ws – Medium

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I am going to visit Europe in two weeks. I will prepare for the travel tomorrow.

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Here's a permissively-licensed command-line #Mastodon client written in #golang:

I'm thinking about writing a libmastdonapi in C, then writing an ncurses UI on top of that. Of course, it would be BSDL.

If I were to write libmastodonapi, would anyone be interested in using it? Or would I solely be scratching my own itch?

It’s time to go home. Leaving the office.

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I used for the first time. I shared error message with the developer.

vividtone boosted website complete. It's a smart command line file sharing tool I've been working on for a while, making it really easy to share any type of file. Check it out!

The last night if the business trip in Yokohama. I got drunk on beer and some glasses of wine, with a young coworker.

vividtone boosted, a cool file-sharing side project I"m working on, is approaching completion. Would love some feedback before it goes live!

I have to make efforts to drink to improve my English.

Dutch Courage? Alcohol May Help Foreign-Language Speaking Skills

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