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My Christmas gift to the fediverse (and anybody else): another free story. This is the opener of a long-running series that straddles the line between novel and novella, and it's probably the one I have the most fun writing. It's more a labor of love than anything, a thought experiment gone way too far, so don't expect anything too earth-shattering. (Oh, but that might be a pun.)

Until Patreon shuts down my account without warning, here's _Out of the Past_:

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Traditionally, one of the first translations for a new conlang is the Babel Text (Gen 11:1-9). Some use the Lord's Prayer (Matt 6:9-13) instead.

I'd like a more secular and more modern passage. It should be no more than about 100-150 words, with fairly simple vocabulary and grammar. Widely known, preferably not verse, and not overtly offensive or political.

If anybody out there has a good idea, let me know.

20 years ago, the internet was fun. It was a place to get away from your real life (or lack thereof, in my case). Now, it *is* real life, and it's lost something by becoming that. I think that's why I'm drawn to the fediverse, and why so many more people are starting to look into "niche" platforms in general.

Even better. Dreamhost support rolled me back to 4.9.9. Apparently, I somehow got put on auto-upgrade, which I *thought* I had turned off.

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It''s not called "harrassment".

It's called "Trolling".

And you are 20 years too young to reinvent the internet.

20 years ago, this is how we dealt with trolls...
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As an American, I find the politics of other countries fascinating: Brexit, the yellow vest protests, minor parties playing kingmaker, etc. From this distance, it all looks so interesting, maybe because it's not the same us/them fight I'm used to.

Okay, got that sorted out. My host "upgraded" me to Wordpress 5.0 behind my back, and that broke my editor plugin, because WP wants us to use their Gutenberg garbage now instead of something sensible.

My life is becoming an endless struggle to fight back against UI idiocy. Switching to KDE, Waterfox, and now "Classic Editor"...

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If you are not OK with sitting inside a filter bubble, because your Admin finds postliberalism more important than your freedom to read everything that is on the fediverse, I suggest changing instances.

thank you in advance. Many people don't know about this, because Mastadon has been aggressively marketed as the Mastadon network and not as part of the fediverse.

I'm working on a project using Node on the backend. Posting these things is all that keeps me sane.

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'A decentralized network is also more resilient to censorship–and I do mean the real kind, not the “they won’t let me post swastikas” kind.' - Eugen Rochko

So, a double standard, in other words. 'It's not real censorship when we do it, only when other people do it.'
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Books cost nothing to write other than time. And if you enjoy writing, then it's time well spent. I often get caught up in "What is the right way to do something?" and seek advice and it's fine to do so, but it's also good to allow yourself to be the expert and write what you want to write. Haters gonna hate — I'd rather write something crappy I'm proud of than something good that I don't particularly like.

I don't think I've posted this one before, but he's in the news again, so it feels right.

Back in 2016, I had an odd dream. In it, I was at a random dreamworld house talking to Bernie Sanders, of all people.

He seemed sensible, at least until a bunch of kids started running around the yard while we were sitting on the porch. Bernie started yelling at them to stop.

"Let them play," I told him. "Like they say, laissez faire."

He gave me a blank look and asked, "What does that mean?"

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One of these days I'll remap :W to :w, because I always hold Shift too long

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Long story short about my troubles this morning though. BlankMediaGames, the makers of Town of Salem, had a massive data breach last month and over 7 million accounts were affected. Check your emails everyone, make sure they haven't been hijacked.

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Test test, will it let me post now? Was screwy this morning.

I had my email hacked early this morning by some Russian bastard, and had to fix all of that. Whoever it was kept trying to steal my Steam account, and after my brother managed to wrangle that back just long enough to enable 2FA so whoever it was couldn't log in on it without that, so the bastard deleted my email inbox like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

Thankfully, my ISP said they can recover those for me.

Am I going blind, or did today's XKCD change? It looked awful earlier.

LOL. Got a "this email account has been hacked!" spam just now. That wouldn't be too funny, but my brother's email account actually *was* hacked yesterday. And those particular Russians didn't claim they had a video of him watching porn that they were holding for blackmail.

No, they just compromised his Steam account, then deleted all his emails when I helped him set up 2FA. Much more damaging, I'd say.

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Earthquake last month, now a light plane crashed in the river not far from here. My universe isn't just a simulation. It's SimCity.

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No moderation. Toot. Love. Drugs and rock and roll. No safe space. Offending content inside. Intel inside, too. All topics. All languages. You can say whatever you want, no one cares. Server located in France. Admin is a koala. Blah blah blah are you still reading? I have to go to bed now.