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I'm an author. I write fantasy, science fiction, and a lot of stuff that doesn't fit well in any genre. Most of all, I write the stories I want to read. If other people like them, that only makes it better.

I am not the kind of person to beg constantly or spam the TL with links, so don't expect that. This is a one-time thing.

This link is to a free excerpt of my novel _Nocturne_, which I think is my best to date. I'm sure you can go from there.

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I'm now looking for a home on the Pleroma side of town. If anybody has any suggestions, invitations, etc., I'm all ears. Remember that I'm on right now for a reason. Not because I'm some evil Nazi or something, but because I value free expression as the foundation for effective discussion, and I'd rather talk to people who feel the same.

Right now, I've got 2 I'm seriously considering:

Anybody else willing to take me in?

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So I posted a preview of my next novel on Patreon today. I'd link it, but it's the 2nd in a series, and I know nobody here has read the 1st, so that would just be dumb. Instead, here's the preview I did for *that* one:

(I don't do these often, but I was talking about my writing yesterday, and the timing worked out.)

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My Christmas gift to the fediverse (and anybody else): another free story. This is the opener of a long-running series that straddles the line between novel and novella, and it's probably the one I have the most fun writing. It's more a labor of love than anything, a thought experiment gone way too far, so don't expect anything too earth-shattering. (Oh, but that might be a pun.)

Until Patreon shuts down my account without warning, here's _Out of the Past_:

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Traditionally, one of the first translations for a new conlang is the Babel Text (Gen 11:1-9). Some use the Lord's Prayer (Matt 6:9-13) instead.

I'd like a more secular and more modern passage. It should be no more than about 100-150 words, with fairly simple vocabulary and grammar. Widely known, preferably not verse, and not overtly offensive or political.

If anybody out there has a good idea, let me know.

Always nice to wake up to 502s on your main.

Ah, @nik did the big downtime thing, that's why.

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Did die while I was asleep or something?

So I finally did it. I now have a 2nd fediverse account: @mikey

I'll still watch this one, but probably not as much. If you follow me here, make sure to do the same over there.

Thanks for everything, @k. Mostly for letting me clog up your server this past year :p

I spent over an hour yesterday setting up scheduled posts for book releases on Patreon. It felt like half that was formatting, because they can't give you anything but point and click for that. Just let me use Markdown, if nothing else. It worked for the books themselves, so why not the announcements for them?

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The problem with JS is that there's always another layer. It's like some kind of Nodeception or something.

I was walking through the house after I got out of the shower earlier, and I caught part of the trailer for Detective Pikachu.

Ugh. I don't even like Pokemon, and it still hurt to watch.

April 23, 2019 at 9:31 pm
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

"9:31 pm"

I'm in EDT, the seller is in CDT, and USPS is apparently in the future.

Working with CSS makes me wish browsers had never been invented. That is all.

Writing dialogue in a conlang is hard. Editing it is even harder.

The only thing I really recall about Earth Day is that it's the anniversary of my first ever fiction creation.

I was 9, and our class had an assignment to write a little story about the environment or environmentalism. It was only 2 pages long, and it was about what you'd expect from a kid that age.

I hated every minute of writing it. If nothing else, I guess that makes me living proof that anybody can change even their most defining characteristics.

User-Agent is a joke anyway, so the browser changing it automatically doesn't bother me at all. Phoning home to download a new list of sites to change it for, OTOH...

I wake up to see people talking about how old they are because a PSP was their first console.

*grabs original NES out of the garage* Get off my lawn!

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copyright enforcement has grown to such proportions (cough dmca cough) that it's effectively preventing innovation

More than half of US states now ban or restrict municipal ISPs.

Notably, this includes Tennessee, where a primary sponsor of the ban law (effectively written by AT&T a few years ago) hails from the service area of EPB, rated the #1 provider *in the country*.

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This might be of interest to some of you: GB Studio, an engine for making Gameboy games. (According to the docs, it even builds ROMs for you.)

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