@taoeffect@mastodon.social Source on the built-in TCP stack?

@atak they also use client-side only checks on the max length of the field. I want to do megabytes lol

@atak lol. It is super glitchy right now, sometimes payments don't work, their LN node goes down, the website is often down, etc.

@taoeffect@mastodon.social it was chosen arbitrarily. It certainly needs to be changed at some point.

@taoeffect@mastodon.social But, it's not correct to say "we should keep the block size as small as possible". 1kb blocks would be completely useless. There is a "best" blocksize, which is the correct balance between decentralization and usability. It's probably not 1mb. It's probably not 300kb. It's probably not 8mb.

@taoeffect@mastodon.social ...produced by a company that only allows watching with DRM

@taoeffect@mastodon.social It's different than a central financial system, because the people can choose whether to run the HF software or not. That way, it's possible to correct obvious errors, but if it seems like something malicious is occuring, the users can choose not to fork.

@k Is there any way to automatically link all repos from my Github profile?

fitvitalik.io is about to miss its minimum target by about 50% :( bye bye 0.1 eth

@k It's hard to tell how much it actually does though without open sourcing it. It could just be a dummy option and we wouldn't know any better. Without releasing the source, we have no way to tell if it's actually an improvement over what we had before.

Today's a big day in BTC:

* Nicehash "hacked", $60m stolen
* price reaches $12k and $13k in quick succession, about 15% up in 24 hours
* Lightning Network implementations passing all integration tests and specification is complete/stable
* Steam stops accepting Bitcoin

@taoeffect@mastodon.social Until there's a bear market, that is

@taoeffect@mastodon.social Why is the winter picture so purple?

@taoeffect@mastodon.social It's just fuzzing hurr durr

CryptoKitties is everything wrong with cryptocurrencies today. It's showing Eth has scaling problems too, but far worse than Bitcoin's (this is one borderline-meme application that's been active for under a week), and it's barely decentralized: It relies on a proprietary cat-rendering system, which, if shut down, renders the cats nearly worthless, and has freezing functions built into its smart contract. medium.com/loom-network/your-c

@taoeffect@mastodon.social That doesn't relate to my question whatsoever. Incase it was unclear, I will rephrase it: If your country is based on freedom, which typically includes freedom of speech, how come speaking in opposition to net neutrality is not allowed?

@taoeffect@mastodon.social What about freedom to not like net neutrality?

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