I have more an more hidden avatar like shadow
it is written complexity ...
I can see when I right click > more > more > render > fully
it needs 5 clicks to see an avatar
is there a way with less clicks

191227 : I AM I BANNED I LOST !!!! How can I go out ? Who can help me to go out ? The worst things in SL is to be banned and you don't know why. most of the time I am lost in this strange game called Second life.

I am the worst player of SL I have been banned of Virtual Fishing just because I copy past where is the fishing place

I don't know why today I have enough of english. Nothing works. More I try to fix it worst it is. Shall I uninstall and reinstall SL?

Do not expect too much you will not be disappointed. Be kind with me . I could be not conformiste as many people want. But I am trying hard to be kind and friendly with all people my enemy included.
My bigest challenge is ... Starting a conversation.
Usualy I start conversation with one word. I like joking even if humor is sometimes very cultural or sensitive topics.


I break my camera movement. TP is very very slow and when I chang emy camera it is very slow

how to correct that

If you don't see my face well. You need to update your viewer.

Firestorm must be Firestorm 6.3.2 (58052) Sep 28 2019 09:32:20 (64bit) or newer. If your is older update it


A friend is someone who I call and it call me at least once in a week. It is a symetrical relationship.

A half friend is someone who I call at least once in a week but it do not call me.

I have 1.5 friends in SL

I am not using this place as often as in the past. Maybe I should

I do a redelivery of my head and start it from 0. It seems ok now execpt a big space between the body and the head

Very bad experience. I think this system was to protect the seller tohave too much messages but actually it encourage me to send more message untill I get a human answer. I strongly have the feeling to fight a robot. Even if maybe someone is behing. This feeling is really bad. Nobody to talk with. Specialy when we have a problem

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Today I receive a message from Chelly

Hi Lureo!

You've requested a refund for: Omega System Kit - Altamura

Reason: Double Purchase via Glitch, Lag or Miss-click
Policy: Duplicate Purchases within 12 hours of one another are eligible for refund.
Action: Refund Issued for 99L

-Chellynne Bailey
Our Refund policy: slpoweredbyomega.com/contact-u
PS: Sorry for the cold template form, but it keeps me out of trouble! Have a great day, and thank you for using Omega!

The hardest word to understand is

if I translate be make it visible maybe I am not too far.

Why do thy invent strange word not mnemonic

it seems that everybody have no problem to use them. Personaly I prefer to use other word. But when someone use it I should understand.

I realised that I am really (word missing*) in SL. I don't know what is a texture.

* I should learn. Basic concept are missing for me. My method of learning is not productive. I need so many days, month, year to learn things that is really simple. Like the concept of lexture.


I don't think it depends of the location. It just depends of the people. I notice that some people are here but don't want to have more friends. They are here for ... Other purpose. They should have lot of friends or they are here for 'work'. I am not here for 'work' I work in RL for me (I will shock lot of people) SL is a game. I play here. If I don't play with other people I play alone.

Ma question is what is a mainland infohub ?

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