Finaly I had a very good conversation with G I S E L L E
You know what I said.

I am at Frantz to know if this place still exists.

I find very difficult to talk with people.

My first converstation ended my interlocutor say that I am stupid when I say that 1 day in SL is 1 month and I joke telling her that she could be my grand ma Apparently she did not appreciate at all and stop

My second try was with someone unhappy because I stated with 'Hi'
"a little better, but! still needs work."

Preference if you want to have internal browser. If you play it is much more easier.

thank you Agapa

Lot of things does not work

- scroling

. numeric pad

- changing the size of characters

amd this is my very first test

I just notice that it is harder to win rank in . I loose 2 ranks during the night.

Usualy when people tell me that they will mute. It push me to communicate more. My reaction is opposite that the other expect.

Problably this reaction is a kind of escalation

You need 166 point to reach KDBNK13 Resident ranked at 540
You have 30443 point(s) Rank 541

Today I configure

expiration of my message after 180 days.

If I write something wrong. That can be forgeted.

entre ce que j'écris
Ce que je pense,
Ce que je veux dire,
Ce que je crois dire,
Ce que je dis,
Ce que vous avez envie d'entendre,
Ce que vous croyez entendre,
Ce que vous entendez,
Ce que vous avez envie de comprendre,
Ce que vous croyez comprendre,
Ce que vous comprenez,

Il y a dix possibilités pour que l'on ait des difficultés à communiquer, mais essayons quand même.

You need 345 point to reach Jewel Kyrie ranked at 550
You have 29497 point(s) Rank 551

This is my record 345 point to go to the higher rank.

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