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i should post these here too! these are some mockups i made for fun of SLARPG reinterpreted as an NES platformer

If twitter becomes like Youtube...

Only imagine that picture... gross.

So Marko Cortés is a neo-chuchian politician.

The situation of the PAN is sad.

They could have been a good opposition. They are also the only right-wing party in Mexico, okay PRI is a pro-neoliberalist party and PRD was in the "mexican pact"...

But Rircardo Anaya (the ex presidential candidate for the PAN) has a total control over the party. If the next president is Marko Cortes (the Anaya "dolphin"), they will just look for their interests.

And the PAN will suffer the same situation that PRD suffered with the "Chuchos".

I remember 2 days ago that a recognized feminist queer teacher was banned from the NY university because she/it harassed a male student.

Some mates were defending her/it arguing that she/that has an "image and reputation that will be stained thanks to this case"

Yeah this is funny, this is really funny. Some others stated that "the student was using a feminist tool to defend himself against a feminist".

Okay i have decided that this is the end of my vacations, i will start to post news and some politic analysis about Mexico... from now on.

And the lucky one to be the first subject is... ... what a mess.

He just said that he will retire his state from the federation if the new AMLO government does not decide to deliver 10% of the GDP to New Lion as a government federated assignment.

And this does not need any analysis, this is just stupid.

Hmmm, did something happen with Twitter?

There are more new people than ever...

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Rain stopped mid morning, which made for happy goats. Girls both enjoyed their brushing this evening. Helps keep them clean!.
#ヤギ #goats #GoatsOfMastodon

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"Every time you hear that some video is produced specifically by Netflix, it is appropriate to feel a wave of disgust and resentment. Those feelings will help you refuse to watch it — refuse to feed the monster."

Yesterday was a very intense day for politic moves in Mexico.

All august will be like this. As always, i will write my impressions... soon, at this moment i'm being lazy 😴 .


If USA says guau 🐶
Felipe Calderon says meow🐱

Si si, está claro que el mayor enemigo para la imagen de Felipe Calderón es el propio Felipe Calderón.

Pero ser así de obvio...
Literalmente si EUA dice guau, él dice miau.

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If you ever find I boost your toot then immediately unboost it, it's because Mastodon refreshed the stream just as I was trying to open up a CW. 🤦‍♂️

God I hate the dynamic web. It's like opening up your refrigerator, reaching in to grab a bottle of orange juice, then just as your hand is about to grab it the bottle disappears and you smash your hand into half a dozen eggs instead.

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I watched a vid about why it is soo hot recently, and basically the idea behind it is the world is fucking us, while we are fucking up the world and making it fuck us harder.

Earth-chan why you do dis to us?

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Because I don't have anywhere else to go.

I'm only half joking. I can't, in good faith, submit to the Twitter TOS. I've always seen Facebook as a privacy nightmare. But there aren't many places for somebody like me.

That's not to say it's perfect here. I spent a long time researching instances, looking for one that suited me, and I'm still not sure I succeeded.

I am enjoying my time here more than any other "social" platform I've ever used. It's a refreshing change.

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"Female celebrities give advice to young women."
I'm worried.
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