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CVE-2020-6812: The names of AirPods with personally identifiable information were exposed to websites with camera or microphone permission



@bortzmeyer y'a eu des plaintes des autres coronavirus qui voulaient pas d'amalgames ?

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"We developed a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) model to predict sex based on hand radiographs of children and adults aged between 5 and 70 years. Of the 1531 radiographs tested, the algorithm predicted sex correctly in 95.9% (κ = 0.92) of the cases. Two human radiologists achieved 58% (κ = 0.15) and 46% (κ = - 0.07) accuracy."


I just love being at work in 2020 and having the download speed of my cable modem from 1997... -_-'

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WM : #bspwm
Term : st
Editors : vim/doom emacs
image viewer: sxiv
browser: qutebrowser
rss: newsboat

dotfiles: gitlab.com/striker.sh/dotfiles (I changed my colorscheme to gruvbox in this screenshot it hasn't been pushed yet)

#showyourdesktop #unixporn #desktop #screenshotdaily

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I am currently trying a different approach for my blog “index”.


The idea is: rather than having just a generated list of articles, I manually provide an index with more value.

What do you think? Would love to hear your feedback.


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@Mac_CZ this is why you should have a transparent panel for the case if you buy RGB stuff. The other option of course being to not buy RGB stuff (nothing is forcing you to have it!!).

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CookieWiz, fantastique outil de la CNIL (laboratoire d'innovation numérique de la CNIL) dévoile la face cachée du web, visualisation temps réel du pistage de votre navigation web, exemple avec bfmtv.com
Excusez du peu !
Voir linc.cnil.fr/fr/cookieviz-une-

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