@succfemboi it's what you look at when drinking covfefe.

@k ooooh I love when a post perfectly exhibits the crossover between Men's Rights Activists and Gun Rights Activists. It's poetic.

@feld actually, the way I see it, the top part is feminist.

@k depends on what kind of rape I guess. Date rape across the spectrum of scenarios is applauded by bro culture, so the issue there is about society not respecting women and toxic masculinity. We're letting society ignore the consequences of toxic masculinity.

Same kind logic for gun culture.

This can be viewed through many different lenses

@feld I'm sorry, I have a hard time following you. I don't live in the USA, so I don't know what is "rape spectrum" or "toxic masculinity".

What I know, is that dumb retarted people think miniskirts is the cause of rape, whereas this pie chart shows that it is not.

This is why one could say the chart is feminist.

@k arguably you cannot consent under the influence of any substances, so any sex in that scenario could be classified as rape -- doesn't matter if you're barely tipsy or blacked out

@feld are you saying that having sex while being a bit tipsy automatically qualifies this as rape ?? Wow. Just wow.

@k by stating a tautology, in the logical sense you have added nothing. The point is to understand how mass shooters/rapists are formed and the tools they use to do it (e.g. your chart would be a lot less convincing if you included date rape drugs in the top key.)
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