@k: Hi, I got here because we had reports that the Emacs Mastodon client didn't work with toot.love.

I could initially reproduce the issue. Emacs was hanging when connecting via TLS to toot.love (reproducible on at least 3 machines and 2 versions of Emacs).
Suddenly it started working for me but not (yet) for the problem reporter.

Are you aware of anything special about toot.love that may cause this?


@k Specifically,
`(with-temp-buffer (open-network-stream "toot.love" (current-buffer) "toot.love" 443 :type 'tls))`
i.e. something really low-level already hangs (so nothing to do with mastond.el or even the url.el library).

(Just mentioning this in case you are using Emacs and want to verify.)

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