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How I'm able to take notes in mathematics lectures using LaTeX and Vim | Gilles Castel

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These unflattering images have the ability to produce negative outcomes. For example, Fisman, Iyengar et la(2008) found that when it comes to physical attractiveness or sexual desirability, Asian men receive the lowest ratings; their study also revealed that Asian women find White, Black, and Hispanic men to be more attractive than Asian males.1 Furthermore, Robnett and Feliciano (2011) documented that Asian women were more likely to exclude Asian men (40%) than White men (11%) as possible dates

The regulation of Asian sexuality has continued to go unabated in the media; movies and television programming constantly depict Asian men as being asexual (Larson, 2006). From effeminate characters, such as Chinese detective Charlie Chan, to action heroes who rarely have any onscreen romantic interests (e.g., Jackie Chan), Asian males are essentially stripped away of any sexual desirability—a process referred to as “racial castration” (Eng, 2001)

I'm really shocked by how much I (should) have learned after printing handouts for exam in the corner

Happy Valentine's day my sweetheart 😃

Hope u will show up in my life next year 😃 waiting for u Darling!

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Finally! I get a research assistant position! Welcome to my first salary in life. 😃

I really enjoy this old cartoon, truly well-designed battle scenarios, and attractive story, and love.

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